Forest Decorative Metals


Lisbon 1 3/16"-9 finishes with 9 finial choices

Porto Wrought Iron-2 diameters in 6 colors

Glasgow 1 3/8" acrylic-3 finishes

Dresden 1 1/8" brass-4 finishes

Aveiro 1 3/16" stainless steel-5 finishes

Dresden 1 1/8" H-Rail Baton draw traverse-9 finishes

Dresden 1 1/8" Corded traverse-4 finishes

Dresden 1 9/16" Corded traverse-2 finishes

Deventer Deco 1 1/8" Aluminum Pole -4 finishes

Deventer CRS 1 1/8" Aluminum Traverse-7 finishes

Forest decorative metals includes many choices. The Porto wrought iron collection comes in two sizes and 6 finishes, Glasgow acrylic rods come with brass, chrome and black accents, Aveiro collection is stainless steel and comes in 5 finishes. Quiet glide poles with plastic inlay for ultra quiet ring operation can be found in the Deventer Deco collection. H-rail traversing sets in the Dresden and Deventer collections provide over a dozen color choices with pleated and ripplefold options.  Light duty corded options can be found in two sizes in the Dresden collections. Don't forget the french returns in the Lisbon and Porto collections with flat rings or plastic lined rings.

Download the retail catalog. Some of the collections are available to order online, but all of them can be ordered by phone or email.